Electric Cars (for Kids)

07/07/2017 Main

Hey everyone, my name is Earl and welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog about my kids! Today I wanted to change gears slightly (ha-ha) and talk about electric cars. And no I am not talking about your rich neighbours new Tesla, I am talking about the little cars that we get for our kids to drive around in. I use to have one as a kid, and it seems life if coming full circle as my little nephew now has his own Beamer electric car that I saw him driving around the neighbourhood. The kid has good taste in cars; must take after his Uncle.  Read more

Video Games for Kids

04/07/2017 Main

Hey everyone, its me back again! Hope you all got to know me in my intro post. I actually got the go ahead from my wife to talk about the video games that the kids play together. Of course they spend lots of time on there phones and tablets playing stupid little games, but I try and get them to play something that it good for them. I played educational games all the time when I was younger, and they helped me not only in learning about computers but with lots of elementary knowledge. Here are some games to get your kids playing that are actually good for them.  Read more


Intro Post

01/07/2017 Main

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first post on my brand new hobbies and leisure blog. I am a father to three lovely young kids and I love spending all of my free time to make their lives better. They are all in cub scouts with me as their amazing troupe leader, and I try to lead as many kids sports groups around here as I can (no one else will do it!). I am just waiting for when the kids get a bit older and I can start introducing them to my favourite hobbies and pastimes, like video games and whittling.  Read more